Showing Kindness to Others Lets Them Know They Matter to Someone

I think it’s nice when you can post a blog about a positive experience that lifts your spirits.  I had such an occasion this past weekend.

I needed to travel from San Francisco to Cleveland to pick up my Mother who had been visiting with my sister for the past month.  I didn’t have a lot of luck trying to keep the trip from San Francisco to Cleveland to Denver from being grueling.  In order to have a sane flight schedule, I would have had to sacrifice almost two days with my son and his family.  I only get to see them for a week every year and wanted to be with them as long as possible.

I finally snagged tickets with two different airlines, but the flight out from SFO was a red eye.  We left at 11:00 p.m. and needed to travel through the night with a stop and layover in Detroit before heading to Cleveland.  I’m too old to stay up through the night without physical discomfort the following day, so worried about being able to sleep on the flight.  As I feared, the flight was awful with passengers around me encroaching in my seat space.  I found no sleep that night.  We landed in Detroit and I had a headache, pain in my neck, shoulders, and hip from being scrunched up for 4 hours.  I felt dizzy from being fatigued.  Fortunately, the flight from Detroit to Cleveland was short and we landed about 8:30 in the morning.  At this point, I’ve been up for 24 hours and still have a full day of travel ahead of me while taking care of an elderly parent.

My brother Robb and his wife literally saved me.  Long story short, they wanted to come to Denver this month to visit with Mom, but the cost of everything was too high.  They instead, traveled to my sister’s home in Cleveland so that they could visit with the family before I came to pick up Mom to take her back to Denver.

As they made their plans, they knew my schedule and wanted to help me out.  They decided to book a hotel near the airport so that when I got in, they could pick me up, take me there and let me sleep for about 4-5 hours before taking off again with Mom on the evening flight.  They also took Mom to the airport and got her settled in, so that I all had to do after sleeping and cleaning up was show up at the gate.

This may seem small to some of you, but I have to tell you that this is one of the kindest and selfless acts that anyone has done for me in a long time.  Usually, I’m the one trying to problem solve, or helping out and it’s not often reciprocated.

I felt so loved.  I knew I mattered to them.  Thank you, Robb and Kathy.

I believe that being kind to others sends them a message that they matter to you.  You may or may not know them very well, but that act of kindness can show people that their feelings or needs matter enough to you, for you to make that effort.

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